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Sight and Sound Cover – Synopsis



Sam has the gift to hear the invisible entity known as Ryan since birth, but his lifelong friend has been taken away by the others. He must learn to trust the guardian, an unknown entity requiring him to go to war for them. Can he trust this unknown spirit, and find Ryan?
Jacob O’Brien, the young 17 year old has won the VRD gaming tournament, providing his dreams, until a freak accident gave him the ability of sight, to see entities beyond the veil. He must learn to cope with this gift, and keep his sister safe from those wishing to harm her.
The two boys, are now having to learn and work together in order to fight a war, neither wanted a part in.
Will Sam be able to find his friend from beyond the veil? Will Jacob be able to understand his new sight? Find out in Sight and Sound.





Update: 11.05.16 : 70K words in. I have two beta reading it now. I hope to have it available in December, 2016.

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