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Quick update – Progress Report

Over the last months, I have been working on a novel, as time allows. Some days provide me a couple of hours, while other days remain barren with time. However, I have recently completed (I think I have) with the novel, breaking 70K words in the story. I have two people willing to beta read it for me. I wait with anticipation to see how my time was spent on it.


I am not much on fluff. Working in a Corporate environment, you tend to get to the point. While I had the story line, I had to go back and fill in some details, in order to provide more visual on what was going on. To be transparent, I found writing the novel more difficult than I had initially believed. My hat goes off to those dedicated writers, relying on the whims of peoples interest, as you hope to feed your family on the art of writing.

I have a full-time job, that usually exceeds the 40 hours a week. I am stepping out gently in the writing world, and accepting all feedback with grace. How else can we improve, if we are not provided critical, honest feedback? Today, I went back and viewed some new feedback on the digital books I have thus uploaded for e-books. Some critical, and negative. I appreciate those as much as the positive. My goal is to continue to learn and improve on prior mistakes or finding those areas that are weak and strengthen them. It is an odd feeling to be gauged by the public, in a live setting.

As of last week, I have completed the provision of three online classes. This will provide me some additional time to dedicate on finishing up on my current project, while I wait on the result of the beta reading. I wont say what my current project is, just yet. However, it is another technical book, not covered by me. This will be on a different subject matter.

After this is complete, I will be working on the second edition of Utilizing IFTTT. The first book I did as a test to see the interest and if I could actually accomplish it. This second edition will be geared more to a technical book format. The goal will be to cover everything, including the new available applets, and content material. I want this to be a worthwhile project, and the reality is, every penny counts. I want my provided material to be worth your investment.



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