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Four Parts of Story – Look at Book – Writing Deep Scenes

In a recent trip, I had read an interesting book titled, Writing Deep Scenes, by Martha Alderson. Below are some nuggets from this book.

Martha points out there ware four energetic markers within every successful story.

  • ¼ mark – Point of no Return
    1. After an introduction to our world and character the character must push forward.
  • ½ mark – Rededication
    1. The character must have a powerful commitment to move forward.
  • ¾ mark –Dark Night
    1. The character is at his or her lowest point.
  • Near End – Triumph
    1. The character has completed his or her goal, surpassing the obstacles.


Interesting, these same four energetic markers correspond with the four parts of a story.

  • Beginning [ The Setup ]
  • Emerging Middle [ The Response ]
  • Deeper Middle [ The Attack ]
  • End [ The Resolution ]

While the book renames these four parts of the story, it does give a different lean on how to explain it. Overall, the book is a good read.