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Daily Archives: December 8, 2016

Sight and Sound Update – My First Official Novel

I wanted to reach out and update all. My first novel is now published through Amazon, via digital. I have the proof (paperback) sent to me. I should receive it next week. If it looks good, it will be my first available print book.


Obviously excited about this new step. The digital book is currently available to be purchased.
You can purchase the digital version, here. I would really appreciate the readers feedback on the first book of a planned series. Going forward, I will be creating books in paperback and digital version.

Amazon Author Page
This book is available on Smashwords or Amazon !

My next step is to finish the “Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite” book. This will be a walkthrough, technical book to provide all the details of the available free Game Maker software. I have this 3/4 finished. As of now, it has just over 75000 words, with pics. I already have a willing beta reader for this book waiting.

Once that is complete, I can work on the second edition of “Utilizing IFTTT”. As of now the current books are digital only, and need to be upgraded.

However, for now, I wish to think all those supporting this endeavor.