Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite – Book Cover Peek
RPG Maker / December 28, 2016

Now that I have my first novel under my belt, Sight and Sound, moving onto to my next book.  This is a technical reference book for the free program RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. The program is available through Steam, and can be downloaded freely. Looking around on Amazon, I noticed no books were on the subject. Additionally, I just finished providing an online class to some kids using the free application. It went toward a computer credit. Personally, I have used RPG Maker back with prior Window versions. It is a great game developer application, that allows you to play with creating RPG (Role Playing Game) worlds. I have been working on creating a reference book for this free application. I am now working on the cover design, as I have my beta readers review my material. I am hoping to have this up and available in January 2017.  I wanted to provide a sneak peek of the cover design and my current project. The above is another idea for the cover. #AuthorMattCole