Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition
Book Display , Utilizing IFTTT / January 26, 2017

  This will replace four of my current E-books online at Amazon. IFTTT recently updated their website, streamlining their free web-based application. This book reflects IFTTT recent changes late 2016. Purpose The purpose of this book is to introduce you into the web-based IFTTT application. IFTTT is the mnemonic for If This Then That. This free web-based application is an online utility to provide an easy means to connect two services, and automate simple tasks. This reduces every day or every hour electronic tasks, providing you more time. You do not have to be technically savvy to use IFTTT. Rather, it is made to minimize and simplify tasks. These tasks include, but not limited to; auto-posting blog posts with one simple action, auto send a tweet out from a post, update cross-platforms from one source, log actions from a social platform, setup smart appliances tasks, and much, much more.   Amazon: Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition. Kindle version Amazon: Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition. Paperback CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/6875778 SmashWords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/699285 A signed autographed book is also available at our Store More items will become available in our store as time allows. Come back to check often! #AuthorMattCole #UtilizingIFTTT

Goblinstomper! Development Diary (XXV): Real World Woes
RPG Maker Stuff / January 26, 2017

As the real world doesn’t care what I want to do, there might be an interruption of service here. ¬†Fingers cross it won’t be a major, but there are signs that it could be. It happens. ¬†Entirely too often. As far as the game goes, I did another cut scene. ¬†Hopefully tomorrow I can tell you more about it. from Welltun Cares Presents http://ift.tt/2k5L4Te #AuthorMattCole #UtilizingRPGMaker