Price Point for a Novel
Happenings / February 25, 2017

Authors spend a lot of time creating their story line for the purpose of entertainment or education through stories. It takes time, and brain power to put words into a viable world. The question is, how much is it worth for the authors to share this content? I just read an interesting article titled, Pricing your E-book at 99 cents. The author attempts to be neutral and lays out the pros and cons. The comments provided additional information and thought as the replies unveiled everyone’s idea on it. In my opinion, the decision of 99 cents comes down to Hoping to gain a wider audience Enticement of sales Having a few read my story in Sight and Sound has been humbling and educational. Once you believe you have an interesting story to convey, the real work is to get it in front as many eyes as possible. This again takes time and determination. Most of my books on Sight and Sound have thus far been given away. LOL.   #AuthorMattCole #SightandSound

Amazon’s Sweet Spot for Authors
Happenings / February 22, 2017

Amazon is probably the most known web based store providing books to customers. How many books are actually sold and provided on Amazon? Answer: In the millions. Literally. Check out the number in 2013. Re: How many books are there for sales on Amazon? Posted: Jan 27, 2013 12:36 PM in response to: linn427 in response to: linn427 Twelve MILLION books? That number has increased expotentially. Partly due to the ease of self-publishing tools. I can only imagine if not already, it has hit around a billion. According to this 2014 article Amazon Vs. Book Publishers, By The Numbers, Amazon books sales “account for 7% of the company’s $75 billion in total yearly revenue.” One can only imagine that number has remained or increased over time. So what is a writer want-a-be to do with such a massive mountain of inventory? How can anyone hope to get their work seen, much less interested to create sales? My wife may have found some part of that answer. Reviews on Amazon. 10 reviews and your book will start being suggested that others have bought this book. 50 reviews is the magical number where Amazon starts pushing your book. It would seem in…

Links of Writing Tools Used by Other Authors
Conversations / February 17, 2017

An interesting thread questioned, what do you use when writing a novel. Below is a list of some of those answers. They also commented to use Microsoft Word, and Grammarly. Home   #AuthorMattCole

Sight and Sound Novel’s Forward
Sight and Sound / February 16, 2017

Before the introduction of flesh, there lived another race. These entities were not flesh born, rather brought about by light, fire, and the heavenly bodies. The creator of these entities viewed them as his family. All was well until the creator expanded his creation to man. This new creation could not live in the higher dimensions, as the original race of beings. So the creator had placed man in the four dimensions of time and physical space. The original entities lived outside of this volume of space and marveled at the flesh born. Originally, the two races worked together. However, there rose an army of 200 celestial beings that made a pact among themselves. They fell from their dimension and became flesh. They took men’s daughters as their wives. These 200 had leaders, but all were viewed as gods and had children. These were those men of renown. The 200 and their children brought man into captivity. These grew to fight against the armies of the creator. This caused a division between the two opposing sides. The war was made and war continues to this very day. The leaders of the 200 were defeated by the armies of the creator and thrown into prison. Before their…

Grammar checks that is causing frustration
Happenings / February 13, 2017

I am going to tell on myself, with this writing. Perhaps doing so, it will help another person. I was having someone review some of my writing and they dinged me with grammar errors. Now, I never have been a fan of English. Which is odd coming from someone that actually have written articles for others and use emails as a primary form of communication. Researching my issue, I found my ‘Grammar’ check was not flagged in my Microsoft Word. Evidently, it was not flagged by default. Check here for grammar flag for Word 2013 The crazy thing is a friend had run this through Yeah, she fixed a lot of errors. So moving on, I applied the flag and went through my novel again. I corrected those fragments in my book. Many were conversational, so I left those. Here is the crazy thing. Even though I ran the grammar check, it missed a specific paragraph someone pointed out to me as being grammatically in error. The paragraph is below.   Ryan was Samuel’s companion. He started to speak to him at a young age; Sam couldn’t remember his life without him. At first, his parents believed it was…

Updating My Customers
IFTTT Stuff / February 5, 2017

I was able to see my second version of the Utilizing IFTTT book has now been made available. The end of last year, I went through the reviews and attempted to reply and convey the update is in the making. That has now been completed and available online. Due to IFTTT changing their platform, it allowed me to update the book, and improve on my initial writing. Admittedly, when I wrote the first version, I was just experimenting. I then seen there was an interest, and continued to write.   SO this morning, I went in and replied to all the prior comments, conveying the second edition is now online. Speaking with Amazon support, those prior purchasing my book, should be able to get the updated version for free. I hope this is the case. Those contemplating on purchasing the book, please understand it purpose is introduction. I appreciate all those who have purchased it. Without you, I would not be continuing on this path of writing. #AuthorMattCole, #IFTTT, #UtilizingIFTTT, Utilizing IFTTT.

I Should Be Able to Do a Full Month’s Worth of Posting in February, What With It Being a Shorter Month and All, Right? Right?
RPG Maker Stuff / February 1, 2017

Alrighty then.  Got a new Minnow sized review up at the sister site.  Managed to end January with a post everyday.  Didn’t finish the simple first act verison of my RPG Maker game, which is a bummer, but I hope to progress. Tomorrow is another day.  And month.  Let’s hope for improvements all around! Cause we all could use that right now. from Welltun Cares Presents #AuthorMattCole #UtilizingRPGMaker