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Daily Archives: February 5, 2017

Updating My Customers

I was able to see my second version of the Utilizing IFTTT book has now been made available. The end of last year, I went through the reviews and attempted to reply and convey the update is in the making. That has now been completed and available online. Due to IFTTT changing their platform, it allowed me to update the book, and improve on my initial writing. Admittedly, when I wrote the first version, I was just experimenting. I then seen there was an interest, and continued to write.


SO this morning, I went in and replied to all the prior comments, conveying the second edition is now online. Speaking with Amazon support, those prior purchasing my book, should be able to get the updated version for free. I hope this is the case.

Those contemplating on purchasing the book, please understand it purpose is introduction.

I appreciate all those who have purchased it. Without you, I would not be continuing on this path of writing.

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Utilizing IFTTT.