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Price Point for a Novel

Authors spend a lot of time creating their story line for the purpose of entertainment or education through stories. It takes time, and brain power to put words into a viable world. The question is, how much is it worth for the authors to share this content?
I just read an interesting article titled, Pricing your E-book at 99 cents. The author attempts to be neutral and lays out the pros and cons. The comments provided additional information and thought as the replies unveiled everyone’s idea on it.

In my opinion, the decision of 99 cents comes down to

  • Hoping to gain a wider audience
  • Enticement of sales

Having a few read my story in Sight and Sound has been humbling and educational. Once you believe you have an interesting story to convey, the real work is to get it in front as many eyes as possible. This again takes time and determination.

Most of my books on Sight and Sound have thus far been given away. LOL.