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Sheol or Hell

I came across an interesting question that was posted on a forum.

The question was, “Do you think hell is real? Can a person’s actions really determine if they will enter hell after their death?”

To this day, people are still inquiring about the after-life, and if our actions today will affect it. So, I had to post a response to the inquiry. My reply is below. My current novel,Sight and Sound takes a peek in the spiritual world. It is my thought, your worldview reflects on how you perceive the after-life and the actions you take currently. Thoughts?

My reply:

I lean more toward the traditional Christian worldview. Hell was created and intended for the fallen angels. The lake of fire is for Lucifer (Satan), the false prophet, and the beast. That being said, there are two different destinations for us and them.

There are some reported to have seen hell it while nearly dead or officially dead and returned. The amount of these sightings cannot go unnoticed.

I suggest they were not in hell, rather hades. I place for those unsaved souls.

It would fall under the mythological tales regarding the underworld, or place of the dead. I would also fall under the biblical term Sheol, a place of darkness where the dead go. Biblically

Sheol held both the righteous and unrighteous. Prior to Christ’s crucifixion, Sheol was divided into two parts. One area dedicated for the unrighteous. This is in reference to the rich man in Jesus parable. The other area dedicated for the righteous, called Abraham’s bosom. This is in in reference to the beggar in Jesus parable.

After Christ’s crucifixion, Jesus entered into Sheol and removed those righteous, while informing those in hades the news of redemption. This is believed to have occurred while he was “in the tomb” for three days.

Now Sheol or hades is reserved for those not accepting Christ as their savior. The change was due to the new covenant (New Testament) from Christ on the cross.



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