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Solipsism – A Sin for Satanist – But Not For You.

Mark Passio provided a seminar in 2016 titled ‘De-Mystifying The Occult’. Within the seminar (around 1:10:20 of the embedded video) he lists out the nine satanic sins.

  • Stupidity
  • Pretentiousness
  • Solipsism
  • Self-Deceit
  • Herd Conformity
  • Lack of Perspective
  • Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies
  • Counterproductive Pride
  • Lack of Aesthetics


He had emphasized this list is a no-no for those within the Satanic circle. However, it is pushed to all those outside the circle. When we look at our current situation in America, can we see these same elements applied to our children and populace?

I believe the answer is yes.

Over time, I would like to review each separately. For this first article on the subject, I want you to see number 3.  I never heard of this Solipsism and had to look further into it.


Solipsism is defined as extreme egocentrism or a focus on one’s self.

As mentioned before, this is considered a sin toward those within the inner circle, but push this same mentality on the masses.

We see a rising culture of selfies and me, me, me mentality. The ideology accepted is the world revolves around me.

I should make my own life.

I should be the one in control of my destiny.

I should be in charge.

Much like the push for stupidity on the masses, this egocentric ideology also is accepted by the masses.

Something to think about going forward, is how much of these traits are being pushed in your life.



Spirit Talk – Bell

Few may recall that Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, also was interested in speaking with the spirits.


At the turn of the century- 1900’s, a surge of interest in Spiritualism and Psychic phenomena has occurred. Alexander Bell was not left out of its wake.
Found in one of his journal’s is this entry.

Aug.16 1909
— Some of the good people here have been much excited over the reported appearance of a ghost on Beinn Bhreagh Aug.13. In order to get at the exact facts of the case I requested a gentleman to interview the eye witnesses, and get an authentic account for the Recorder. The following is his report:—
Something of a very mysterious nature was seen by two young men on the evening of the 13th inst., while sailing in a motor boat along the shore opposite the graveyard on Beinn Bhreagh. This mysterious something appeared in the form of the fair sex; and the two young gentlemen, who had evidently been expecting two of the fair sex from the conversation which passed between them, were obliged to conclude, much to their sorrow, that only one was coming.
At this stage of the drama they were about 200 hundred yards distant, and they decided on having a closer observation of her. For this purpose the boat was headed in-shore, whereupon, to their great disappointment, she started to run at the speed of a race horse; and not content with that, she took wings, and disappeared out of their sight like a flash.
The “Silver-Dart” flow very fast, but she could not begin to compete with this odd thing whatever it may have been. However they are unable to say how it alighted. Perhaps it was of like nature to the last drop of the “Dart”; and for their part they hope it was, never wishing to see it again“.
The above report has been submitted to one of the eye witnesses, and he declares it is a satisfactory account.

There were also some stories upon hearing the dead through the initial phone system. While he was specifically asked if his phonetic device could communicate with spirits, a little knowledge is provided if he worked on it. Dollars to donuts, he tinkered with it.
Prior to the technology of photography and electronic devices, the discussion between the physical world and spirit world was done primarily by mediums. It was the host used not a specific instrument. You read the use of mirrors, crystal balls were items to help the medium to get into an altered state of consciousness.
The famous witch of Endor found in 1st Samuel 28 provides an account of a medium speaking with the dead Samuel. Recall King Saul wanted to hear from the dead about an upcoming battle and sought out a medium. While King Saul was in disguise, the medium knew him. Interestingly, the sight of Samuel scared her, indicating she wasn’t expecting the encounter.
This phenomenon is worldwide, and not culturally confined. Today, there is a large platform of this type of activity. We see it in our media through documentary and TV shows. There are also a plethora of websites out there on the subject.
From the shamans to current ghost chasers, the common element is the desire to reach beyond the physical realm. This strong desire is to acquire secret information.
The question is, how does the dead know more than the living? If you review the Bible, it refers to death as sleep more than fifty times. This may be why no account is given from Lazarus when he was raised from the dead.
Based on that train of thought, the question is if not the dead, who are we speaking with?
In my book, I have intra-dimensional beings. Those beings not born of flesh, but of spirit prior to flesh. These same beings assist or detract the humans. The knowledge of them and the perpetual war is brought on the main characters in the Sight and Sound novel.
This is my idea of the matter. These entities are not our ancestors, rather another race of beings.

There is a fascinating interview with Roger Morneau on this same subject matter.


Alexander and Mabel Bell : Psychic/Ghost Investigators


Spiritual Encounter

I recall very clearly when I was a teenager having a full blown apparition encounter. At this time, I lived with my dad (family divorced early in life). I just came back from my job and entered the home.  I heard him in his bedroom and stood in the hall chatting to him about my day. I distinctly saw him laying on the bed in the dark (it was a weekend). He would make the normally acknowledged sounds as I spoke.

Then, directly behind me, my dad’s voice asked loudly, “Who the F are you talking too?”

My heart dropped and my knees buckled as I felt weak. Turning around in horror, my dad stood there looking at me perplexed. I immediately turned back toward the bedroom and the figure on the bed no longer remained.

I tried to convey to him, I thought it was he I was speaking too. There were more than one sighting in that house. I still get chills recalling that memory.

Couple of years later, this same spot I stood is where my uncle collapsed.