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Solipsism – A Sin for Satanist – But Not For You.

Mark Passio provided a seminar in 2016 titled ‘De-Mystifying The Occult’. Within the seminar (around 1:10:20 of the embedded video) he lists out the nine satanic sins.

  • Stupidity
  • Pretentiousness
  • Solipsism
  • Self-Deceit
  • Herd Conformity
  • Lack of Perspective
  • Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies
  • Counterproductive Pride
  • Lack of Aesthetics


He had emphasized this list is a no-no for those within the Satanic circle. However, it is pushed to all those outside the circle. When we look at our current situation in America, can we see these same elements applied to our children and populace?

I believe the answer is yes.

Over time, I would like to review each separately. For this first article on the subject, I want you to see number 3.  I never heard of this Solipsism and had to look further into it.


Solipsism is defined as extreme egocentrism or a focus on one’s self.

As mentioned before, this is considered a sin toward those within the inner circle, but push this same mentality on the masses.

We see a rising culture of selfies and me, me, me mentality. The ideology accepted is the world revolves around me.

I should make my own life.

I should be the one in control of my destiny.

I should be in charge.

Much like the push for stupidity on the masses, this egocentric ideology also is accepted by the masses.

Something to think about going forward, is how much of these traits are being pushed in your life.



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