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Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol 2

Warning: Spoilers for those who have not seen Guardians of Galaxy 2.

For those reading my articles, I am touching base on the subject of Nephilim, and the idea of Fallen Angels having children through daughters of men. The known verse is found in Genesis 6:1-5. This story is also conveyed through other religions and cultures throughout the world, such as the Titans in Greek Mythology.

One of the main plot lines in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is Starlord, played by Chris Platt, learns of his father. Not only does he learn of who he is, but what he is. The story conveys Starlord’s father is a ‘Celestial’. Peter (Starlord) specifically asks him if he is a God. The father replies, “A small g”.

The discussion continues, and Peter learns he is the offspring of a god and human woman. IE: Hybrid, Nephilim. I found this fascinating, due to my study of this same subject.

Something else I noticed is the spaceship of Peter’s father when viewed from the front looks just like an eye. A lot of material is online referencing the ‘one eye’ and it’s representation of Lucifer.

So we have two things pointing to fallen angels (celestials) having children with daughters of men.

  1.  Small gods having children through daughters of men, and
  2.  Representation pointing to who those small gods are.


Outside of that, the movie was really entertaining, and I couldn’t help but giggle throughout, due to it being funny and light.


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