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Robots to Replace Low-Middle Workers

Knowledge workers being replaced with automatic processes. Some have argued that knowledge workers will be the first to be replaced by automation with information systems. (Valacich 6)

The common factory workers have already been replaced by mechanics, allowing companies to remove the human need, in replace to the automatic mechanical process. This continued move forward has now encroached to other areas of work, including food, and information systems. Most recently in the news is McDonald’s replacing human cashiers with digital kiosks. (Eichenwald, 2017 June 19)

During the Milken Institutes Global Conference the theme, ‘The Future of Human Kind’, touched base on this topic. In their words, there is no need for the average, middle-class worker. (Placko, 2016 May 8)

The idea is to replace all lower and middle workers with robotics and AI processing. I personally would also apply this same concept toward certain analyst positions in white collar jobs. The push for robots to make the human life better may also be removing the personal freedom and joy of the common worker.

In short, I believe this trend will continue to move forward, replacing human workers with faster, cheaper electronic automation.

The website Fast Company commented on jobs to be replaced by robots. Most will think the obvious mechanical robots, as we have seen in the manufacturing business. However, the next (or perhaps happening now) trend will be jobs replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Automation, which includes both mechanized robots (whether humanoid or drone-shaped) and artificially intelligent software programs, are predicted to eliminate 6% of the jobs in the U.S. in the next five years. (Grothaus, 2017 Jan 19)

The article goes on to say an estimated

  • 39% of jobs in the legal sector could be automated in 10 years
  • 95% chance of accountants losing their jobs to automation

Contemplating the massive amount of data storage with the ability to harness that data through increased speed, efficiency, this is only the tip of the iceberg in automation.



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