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Reviewed by DJ Gonzalez

“I really enjoyed this book. The story was interesting and kept me guessing. My husband who DOESN’T like to read and normally wouldn’t pick up a book to save his life-after I started reading this story out loud to him became very interested and even ended up finishing the book himself. He loved it as well. I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique new book to read.”

Review by Donna Spaid

“I have read this book. I enjoyed reading it very much. It kept me very interested to get to the next page to find out what was going to happened next. A book I would recommend highly.”

Review from Amazon Customer

“Sight and Sound is a YA paranormal novel that differentiates itself from others in the genre with its use of technology. Technology which is modern in description yet infused with a fantastic whiff of 80’s nostalgia. The main characters, two males and two females between 15-17, find themselves part of an inter-dimensional war in a fast-paced and yet believable way. The inter-dimensional beings themselves feature heavily in the plot from the start, the ‘good’ ones push the characters when needed with the ‘bad’ leave you wondering just what they are truly capable of. There are some genuinely creepy scenes in Sight and Sound enough to appease a horror fan lke myself, but not enough to put off more squeamish readers. There is also a healthy dose of action, romance, and mystery. Overall the characters are relatable, the story engaging and the ending leaves you longing for a sequel. I would definitely recommend this book.”

Review from Amazon Customer

“I was hesitant to read this at first but only because I was afraid the technology part of the story would be more than I could understand. Once I started, though, I couldn’t put it down. It is very easy to get emotionally connected with these characters. Very fast paced and leaves your nerves frayed when you have to put it down to go join the real world again. I have actually read it more than once since I purchased it. It is that good!”

Review by JD

“This book was really amazing. The characters were very well-crafted. The author was very descriptive so it was easy to see the world he created in this book. The plot was well-thought-out and the execution was great. This is a great book and I was caught up in the three characters’ fight to win the war. This a must read for everyone who loves sci-fi thrillers.

Review by Amazon Customer

“I loved the story and characters, looking forward to the next book.”

Review by Jay

“Very interesting. Lots of details. I liked that there was a lot to keep up with and that the story kept moving. Yes there were a few grammar errors but for a first-time fiction novel I loved the development of the story.”