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Review from Amazon Customer

“Sight and Sound is a YA paranormal novel that differentiates itself from others in the genre with its use of technology. Technology which is modern in description yet infused with a fantastic whiff of 80’s nostalgia. The main characters, two males and two females between 15-17, find themselves part of an inter-dimensional war in a fast-paced and yet believable way. The inter-dimensional beings themselves feature heavily in the plot from the start, the ‘good’ ones push the characters when needed with the ‘bad’ leave you wondering just what they are truly capable of. There are some genuinely creepy scenes in Sight and Sound enough to appease a horror fan lke myself, but not enough to put off more squeamish readers. There is also a healthy dose of action, romance, and mystery. Overall the characters are relatable, the story engaging and the ending leaves you longing for a sequel. I would definitely recommend this book.”

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