Who is Matt Cole?

Matt Cole lives in Oklahoma, a father of two, husband of one, brother, uncle, son, friend and listener. He continues to work full-time at Universal Health Services while attempting to create a platform for his books and works. When not attempting to prep, learning and applying his time/energy toward family and work, he writes.

What I’m Doing Now:

  • Working on a new novel. “Dr. Keith Richardson is a psychiatrist who treats his patients, having them understand there are no demons, but what we make. His world changes, when he encounters an actual demon. Can he handle the new reality?”
  • Recently restarted College in the pursuit of a Masters in Information Technology.

Looking Forward:

  • What? You think I am not busy enough? Trying to foresee the future and gauge what actions can be made to lessen the damage.
  • However, you can check out my upcoming events.


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Inside Information:

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  • Finished Utilizing Google Docs, March 2017. You can see/order the E-copy here. You can also get a view of it here.
  • Helping a friend move and improve his website over, to save him some money, Professional Services. Done! If you’re in the Greenwood, Arkansas area, check out Integrity Details!
  • Finished Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition, Jan. 2017. You can see/order it here.
  • Finished Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite book, Jan. 2017. You can see the synopsis and order links here.
  • Finished Sight and Sound and made available Dec. 2016.  You can see the synopsis and order links here .
  • Finished my “Introduction to Python Programming” book. You can find it here.
  • Finished material covering Pseudocode. You can find it on Amazon here.


These are my main priorities right now.
 I am open to considering new opportunities, as I highly value novelty, spontaneity, and growth. However, I aspire to stick to my priorities 90% of the time. As a result, I will say no to the majority of requests that come my way now. If my activities or priorities happen to change, I’ll update this page to reflect those changes. Last update was November 11, 2015. This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself, and it balances out the other crap that gets in the way.  It was inspired by  Derek Sivers.

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