Updating My Customers
IFTTT Stuff / February 5, 2017

I was able to see my second version of the Utilizing IFTTT book has now been made available. The end of last year, I went through the reviews and attempted to reply and convey the update is in the making. That has now been completed and available online. Due to IFTTT changing their platform, it allowed me to update the book, and improve on my initial writing. Admittedly, when I wrote the first version, I was just experimenting. I then seen there was an interest, and continued to write.   SO this morning, I went in and replied to all the prior comments, conveying the second edition is now online. Speaking with Amazon support, those prior purchasing my book, should be able to get the updated version for free. I hope this is the case. Those contemplating on purchasing the book, please understand it purpose is introduction. I appreciate all those who have purchased it. Without you, I would not be continuing on this path of writing. #AuthorMattCole, #IFTTT, #UtilizingIFTTT, Utilizing IFTTT.

IFTTT Alert on Twitter
IFTTT Stuff / January 31, 2017

  Just received an alert from IFTTT. Twitter will be changing within IFTTT on Feb. 7,2017. #ifttt | #utilizingifttt | #authormattcole   You can purchase my updated book,Utilizing IFTTT, found on Amazon, Smashwords, and soon Barnes and Noble.

Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition Nearly Complete
IFTTT Stuff / January 23, 2017

Wanted to provide everyone an update on my latest project. I have a beta reader providing me great feedback on this latest book, “Utilizing IFTTT Second Edition”. I have the cover created, and will be grammatically checking the content, once I make my final revisions.   This will replace four of my current E-books online at Amazon. IFTTT recently updated their website, streamlining their free web-based application. Here is a piece of the book’s content. Purpose The purpose of this book is to introduce you into the web-based IFTTT application. IFTTT is the mnemonic for If This Then That. This free web-based application is an online utility to provide an easy means to connect two services, and automate simple tasks. This reduces every day or every hour electronic tasks, providing you more time. You do not have to be technically savvy to use IFTTT. Rather, it is made to minimize and simplify tasks. These tasks include, but not limited to; auto-posting blog posts with one simple action, auto send a tweet out from a post, update cross-platforms from one source, log actions from a social platform, setup smart appliances tasks, and much, much more.   The book should be made…

Utilizing IFTTT Series – 4 Ebooks
IFTTT Stuff / January 5, 2017

These books have been unpublished.The Second Edition is now in production. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This is the older version which is comprised of 5 areas, channels, triggers, actions, recipes, and ingredients. I will cover all these areas to provide you a better understanding what they are and how to utilize them. Please know, I am currently working on a new version, “Utilizing IFTTT: Second Edition” which will be made available in paperback. I will be covering all the new formats, applets, and deep dive this awesome free web-based application.  Amazon: Utilizing IFTTT 1 Amazon: Utilizing IFTTT 2: For the Marketer Amazon: Utilizing IFTTT 3: For the Personal Assistance Amazon: Beyond IFTTT This is a compilation of the prior 3 books. #authormattcole