Links of Writing Tools Used by Other Authors
Conversations / February 17, 2017

An interesting thread questioned, what do you use when writing a novel. Below is a list of some of those answers. They also commented to use Microsoft Word, and Grammarly. Home   #AuthorMattCole

Sight and Sound Update – My First Official Novel
Conversations , Sight and Sound / December 8, 2016

I wanted to reach out and update all. My first novel is now published through Amazon, via digital. I have the proof (paperback) sent to me. I should receive it next week. If it looks good, it will be my first available print book.   Obviously excited about this new step. The digital book is currently available to be purchased. You can purchase the digital version, here. I would really appreciate the readers feedback on the first book of a planned series. Going forward, I will be creating books in paperback and digital version. Amazon Author Page This book is available on Smashwords or Amazon ! My next step is to finish the “Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite” book. This will be a walkthrough, technical book to provide all the details of the available free Game Maker software. I have this 3/4 finished. As of now, it has just over 75000 words, with pics. I already have a willing beta reader for this book waiting. Once that is complete, I can work on the second edition of “Utilizing IFTTT”. As of now the current books are digital only, and need to be upgraded. However, for now, I wish to think…

Facebook Conversation – Genesis vs Enuma Elish.
Conversations / August 26, 2016

Over time, I have attempted to review a lot of information, and digest it the best way I can. An interesting conversation came up on an friend’s Facebook post. Something more meaningful than the causal meme being shared. What was initially an after-thought, may turn out to be a very interesting dialogue. Let me share it here. Original Post. Roger Dicks Yesterday at 12:36am · a…Random Thought…Since the beginning of recorded history, defined as when the Sumarians invented writing around 6000 years ago, authorities have catalogued over 3700 supernatural beings, of which around 2870 can be considered deities. Those numbers are probably a conservative estimate because we have no accurate information before 4000 B.C. There are a large number of these that are still worshipped today. So, which one is the right one? Is it a matter of opinion? And because I asked that first question, there are some of you who are going to get angry, and start quoting bible scripture at me. Don’t bother. I’ve read it straight thru 3 times in my life. I am fairly well versed. So, why did you get angry? Did you automatically think that I was targeting your specific deity? I was…