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The Controllers and The Silencers

Last year, I wrote up a post conveying what I learned from Published Illustrators and Authors. I had always speculated gatekeepers being those choosing what can or cannot be published. However, the real controllers are those deciding which content gets distributed to the book stores. This control is in the hands of bean counters on which material will provide the largest return in sales, and money.



I get business requires a ROI (Return on Investment). However, what happens when your content does not align with those in charge. Simple, your content does not receive the large platform. Independent content makers are therefore resigned to find alternative means. Hence, Amazon gives everyone the ability to provide their content through their platform, and CreateSpace allows individuals to print that material for distribution. This still cost time and money on the author, with a small chance of getting eyes on their content. Additionally, the self=publishing availability has flooded the market.

Many turn to social platforms for marketing. However, what I am now seeing is TOS (Terms of Services) changing, pushing certain content makers away. This is found in YouTube’s new algorythm or Facebook’s new method of censoring. Here is the kicker. These companies are not the government, rather business entities and they have the right and ability to not allow you to use their system.

5. You are not guaranteed free speech by anyone other than the government. Only the government may not infringe upon your right to free speech. An individual corporation, such as Facebook, absolutely 100% has the legal right to “silence” you on their service, for any reason, at any time, regardless of whether you like it or not. [Source]

Unfortunately, I have been a victim of these blocks. I still cannot share a link from any of my websites.


Recently, I have seen this also in my Instagram feed. That link Instagram is referring too? My author website.


So what does that leave me? Currently, I am using Minds.com and Steemit. From there, no idea.

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Enochian Magic, Tesla 3, 6, 9 & RESURRECTION Of The DEAD with ANTHONY PATCH [Video]

If you want to listen to some high-brow discussion, check this out.





Published on Apr 17, 2017

Explained: “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla — Geometry of the Matrix is the Cube, while the “elite” employ the Sphere. Also, Enochian language and math in communications with Fallen Angels, it’s relevance to D-Wave’s development of quantum bits…


Main Fort Smith Library – Saturday, March 25 2017

Since my daughter is coming in this weekend, both she and I plan to take our books over to the library. We will be donating them to the Fort Smith, Arkansas  Library.

So, if you’re curious about them, go check them out!


I will be providing the following books:

Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite  #UtilizingRPGMaker

Utilizing IFTTT  #UtilizingIFTTT

Sight and Sound  #SightandSound


Britt will be providing her novel, Searching.





Price Point for a Novel

Authors spend a lot of time creating their story line for the purpose of entertainment or education through stories. It takes time, and brain power to put words into a viable world. The question is, how much is it worth for the authors to share this content?
I just read an interesting article titled, Pricing your E-book at 99 cents. The author attempts to be neutral and lays out the pros and cons. The comments provided additional information and thought as the replies unveiled everyone’s idea on it.

In my opinion, the decision of 99 cents comes down to

  • Hoping to gain a wider audience
  • Enticement of sales

Having a few read my story in Sight and Sound has been humbling and educational. Once you believe you have an interesting story to convey, the real work is to get it in front as many eyes as possible. This again takes time and determination.

Most of my books on Sight and Sound have thus far been given away. LOL.




Amazon’s Sweet Spot for Authors

Amazon is probably the most known web based store providing books to customers. How many books are actually sold and provided on Amazon?

Answer: In the millions. Literally.

Check out the number in 2013.

Re: How many books are there for sales on Amazon?
Posted: Jan 27, 2013 12:36 PM in response to: linn427 in response to: linn427
Twelve MILLION books?

That number has increased expotentially. Partly due to the ease of self-publishing tools.
I can only imagine if not already, it has hit around a billion.

According to this 2014 article Amazon Vs. Book Publishers, By The Numbers, Amazon books sales “account for 7% of the company’s $75 billion in total yearly revenue.” One can only imagine that number has remained or increased over time.

So what is a writer want-a-be to do with such a massive mountain of inventory? How can anyone hope to get their work seen, much less interested to create sales? My wife may have found some part of that answer.

Reviews on Amazon. 10 reviews and your book will start being suggested that others have bought this book. 50 reviews is the magical number where Amazon starts pushing your book.

It would seem in large part, it’s all about the reviews. Get authenticated buyers to provide decent reviews, and your material gets promoted. We already know half of the fight is to get your content in order and available. The bigger hurdle seems to market it and get it out there on a decent platform for all to ‘know’ about your content.

So, this writer want-a-be will keep creating content, and push people to leave reviews.  Now go out there and give me a decent review!

You can find my current books at Amazon with this link, right here!


Grammar checks that is causing frustration

I am going to tell on myself, with this writing. Perhaps doing so, it will help another person. I was having someone review some of my writing and they dinged me with grammar errors. Now, I never have been a fan of English. Which is odd coming from someone that actually have written articles for others and use emails as a primary form of communication. Researching my issue, I found my ‘Grammar’ check was not flagged in my Microsoft Word. Evidently, it was not flagged by default.

Check here for grammar flag for Word 2013

The crazy thing is a friend had run this through grammarly.com. Yeah, she fixed a lot of errors.

So moving on, I applied the flag and went through my novel again. I corrected those fragments in my book. Many were conversational, so I left those. Here is the crazy thing. Even though I ran the grammar check, it missed a specific paragraph someone pointed out to me as being grammatically in error. The paragraph is below.


Ryan was Samuel’s companion. He started to speak to him at a young age; Sam couldn’t remember his life without him. At first, his parents believed it was just a simple make-believe friend, most likely because Samuel Good was an only child. Children that didn’t have many friends needed a make-believe one.


I took this same paragraph and applied it to online grammar checks. I did a google search on ‘online grammar checker’ and tested it with the first 10 results. Everyone check came back clean. I went as far as downloading the trial version Stylewriter program to test the paragraph with it. Again, the paragraph checked with no errors. This is highly frustrating. I get author’s require editor’s in order to keep the content clean of issues. But I have to question, why can’t a decent grammar check program be created with the rules?


In case you want to know the correct revision of the paragraph in question, it’s below.


Ryan was Samuel’s companion. He started to speak to him at a young age; Sam couldn’t remember his life without him. At first, his parents had believed it was just a simple make-believe friend, most likely because Samuel Good was an only child. Children that didn’t have many friends needed a make-believe one.


I will be updating my book after I make some additional changes/revisions.













Issue of an New Author – Profit

#authormattcole | #mattcole | Matt Cole




Quick update – Progress Report

Over the last months, I have been working on a novel, as time allows. Some days provide me a couple of hours, while other days remain barren with time. However, I have recently completed (I think I have) with the novel, breaking 70K words in the story. I have two people willing to beta read it for me. I wait with anticipation to see how my time was spent on it.


I am not much on fluff. Working in a Corporate environment, you tend to get to the point. While I had the story line, I had to go back and fill in some details, in order to provide more visual on what was going on. To be transparent, I found writing the novel more difficult than I had initially believed. My hat goes off to those dedicated writers, relying on the whims of peoples interest, as you hope to feed your family on the art of writing.

I have a full-time job, that usually exceeds the 40 hours a week. I am stepping out gently in the writing world, and accepting all feedback with grace. How else can we improve, if we are not provided critical, honest feedback? Today, I went back and viewed some new feedback on the digital books I have thus uploaded for e-books. Some critical, and negative. I appreciate those as much as the positive. My goal is to continue to learn and improve on prior mistakes or finding those areas that are weak and strengthen them. It is an odd feeling to be gauged by the public, in a live setting.

As of last week, I have completed the provision of three online classes. This will provide me some additional time to dedicate on finishing up on my current project, while I wait on the result of the beta reading. I wont say what my current project is, just yet. However, it is another technical book, not covered by me. This will be on a different subject matter.

After this is complete, I will be working on the second edition of Utilizing IFTTT. The first book I did as a test to see the interest and if I could actually accomplish it. This second edition will be geared more to a technical book format. The goal will be to cover everything, including the new available applets, and content material. I want this to be a worthwhile project, and the reality is, every penny counts. I want my provided material to be worth your investment.



My Time at Konsplosion – Fort Smith, Arkansas



I primarily went to take my son and three other awesome kids (Wards). Since, I am the dedicated adult nerd (geek) of the family, I had no problems with it. There were 2-3 panels I was interested in. Thus my agenda was to sit in and splatter questions to the presenters for the panels, while allowing the kids to enjoy the Konsplosion. Two of the three panels are note-worthy.


11:45 AM – 12:30 PM How to Write a Novel in 90 Days
Panel 2

I was expecting the speaker to simply say, “Yes it can be done, but it wont be great.” However, author EM Ervin was there as well. Now, for some reason, I could had sworn I came across her before. I inquired with my daughter (who use to be a PA for author Quinn Loftis), but she didn’t recognize here. Regardless, she provided some gems, she has learned being a self-published author. What I found really cool, was the fact, I can relate with her. She works full time in a white collar environment and she doesn’t view the book scene as competition rather let’s build each other up. That, I can definitely get behind.


img_2569 img_2570img_2568








EM is an interesting person. Very loud, touchy touchy people person. I found her openness in answering questions bluntly very welcoming. Interestingly, she commented on Ben S. Reeder. She mentioned knowing and looking up to him, since he was able to quite his day job and work full time as an author. I had met Ben in Austin, and discussed with him a bit while I had the chance. He told me his story, during that time last year, while I was at  Anime Overload August 2015.



Of course, I purchased her first book “Wake Up Call”, getting an autograph on it. The back pages having Ben S. Reeder’s books didn’t go un-notice. I am appreciative with the time and answers EM.


2:15 – 3:30 PM Self Publishing and Podcasting Panel 3

Yes, another self publishing panel. See my interest now?



This panel was ran by a cool guy, name Earl Green. He runs the website http://www.thelogbook.com. A self-published author and podcaster, Earl was very well spoken. I guess you need to be, if you’re running a podcast. Interestingly, before the timed event (I was there a bit early), he commented on the fear of an empty room. That fear was set aside, when nearly half the room filled up. There is a real interest in self-publication and getting your own personal content out there to share with the world.

Listening to him, and making inquiries, I found it interesting he had been doing pod casting way before writing a book. Over time, he accumulated enough material to be able to compile the information in a book format, and provide it out for those interested. His compilation came into the book,The Escape Pod Logs: 2016 Almanac of the Fantastic & Futuristic. I had to actually look this up, because he never even hawked his wares during the panel. Nor did I see him anywhere in the artist alley with a booth. I think this was a missed opportunity on his part. So, I am promoting it in this write-up. Your welcome Earl. LOL

[Correction: 9.26.17] Earl had a vendor booth, selling. I hold totally missed that. Thanks for the reply and correction Earl.

As a side note involving the technique in providing piece information, then incorporating it into a book , is actually a thing. This same technique was done by Rob Skiba in his book Babylon Rising. Similar to Earl, he was writing a blog, and was able to create enough posts, resources over time to compile into a book.

Back to Earl. It was obvious his first love is podcasting, and providing information out to the audience. I get the feeling the book came out, simply as a means to present it in a different platform. However, I could be wrong. Regardless, he definitely provided a good panel, and was well spoken. Answering every question I had, regardless if I didn’t ask it the best way.


After Thoughts

I have only been to three Cons, in my whole life. The primary reason is for the kids, to be honest. This has been only a recent activity in the last 3-4 years. However, when I attend one, I seek out the local authors. Keep in mind, my first Con was before I wrote my technical books. Now on Con three, I am in the process of writing a novel for young adult. I lean heavily on these self-published authors for their experiences. Many are very willing to discuss their experiences. I also find many very humble, and surprised to be questioned about it.

Fascinating to me, is their stories. Why did they get started? What is their end goal? How do you view success? The answers are sporadic, and each tells about the individual person.

Earl said something very true. “The walls are being torn down.” ( I may be paraphrasing ). But the reality is, it is easier now to get your content out, like never before. The old method to keep the ‘in-crowd’ only is no longer viable. We see this in all avenues. Redbox killed Blockbuster. Netflix is killing the mainstream channel lineups. Self-published authors are killing the elite publishers, who controlled which books were provided to the public.

At the end of the day, I think each are simply trying to do their best, and learn from their mistakes. They are just people, trying to provide their unique content.