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Often we, as writers, have little time trying to create that next awesome piece. Getting our work out to others is the second big haul. Knowing this, I have created this page to promote other authors, writers, bloggers, and the next Stephen King websites and links. I appreciate you checking out my site, and ask you to also check out these other cool writers.


Amy and Olivia are a mom and daughter team branching out to be authors. They have their first novel out, and just getting started.

Britt Cole is currently in college. But that didn’t stop her in writing a novel. She has a passion of all things books.

Ien Nivens lives in a former textile mill in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts with his quilt-artist wife Michelle and an under-employed cat named Barnaby. He is the author of Tangible Angels, an American Gothic novel about a girl who believes she has conjured a lost boy from the storm sewer system of her home town, and The American Book of Changes, a re-interpretation of the ancient Chinese divination system known as the I Ching.

TL Chasse lives in Maine and is a wife of 31 years and the mother of two. She has her first book coming out soon – Animal Coventry, A Vintage, Maine Novel, which is a psychological thriller about a group of social outcasts who meet through a chat room. More Vintage, Maine novels will follow.
Tom Fallwell is a retired software developer turned author. I write Fantasy, SciFi, SciFan, and plans to try other genres as well. 🙂
Hey Writers!  Don’t see your link here? Reach out to me and provide me  your link and 2-3 sentences about your site or content. All I ask is for you to reciprocate it with my link and description. Just add my link and description to your site, tell me yours, and Ill add it!



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Matt Cole is a husband, father, son, brother and avid researcher.
When not working, he attempts to share knowledge through his books and stories.