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As a remote employee, I continue to deliver:

  • Quality communication
    • Acquire a clear understanding of issue or request, via email, communicator or phone.
  • Applied strict work hours
    • Always available online during work hours, and after.
    • Been told numerous times I am easier to get ahold of, as opposed to those in the same building.
  • Monitored Interfaces via dashboard
    • Many times identified an issue prior to service ticket being assigned to my group
  • Managed multiple projects and builds
    • I create and manage multiple project builds that include multiple inner-department teams, facilities, and 3rd party vendors.
    • Provide quality minutes and keep tasks moving to reach goals.
  • Large volume of work turnover
    • I average around 50-60 tickets more completed tickets in comparison to on-site employees.
    • Those working with me are confident I will complete the tasks within the deadline or before.
  • Provide a non-silo mentality
    • There is no fear of silo work, mentality while being remote.
  • Work well with others
    • Over the years, I have worked with those within/without the department at the Corporate office.
    • I have worked with multiple vendors and facility staff providing everyone respect and willingness to listen in order to understand.

As an Application Analyst II, I currently:

  • Manage multiple projects, schedule conference calls, quality minutes, while complete tasks on before the deadline.
  • Provide primary support for all FSI (Foreign System Interfaces), involving OpenLink, Cerner Millineum, SFTP, FTP, Cold feeds, as well as application issues involving Cerner Millenium products.
  • Maintain communication through Brightworks, MethodM, weekly project minutes, bi-weekly status reports to managers, and day-to-day communication with staff and peers.
  • Assist and mentor peers with support issues as well as quality control.
  • Develop and maintain documentation through SharePoint.
  • Utilize Visual Studio for compliance changes through the task of CO (change orders).
  • Utilize SQL by reviewing log files and alerts for monitoring.
  • Ability to utilize multiple Cerner applications (SI_Manager, RadOrderviewer, Openview, DiscernVisualDeveloper, CoreCodeBuilder)
  • Have a deep understanding of OpenLink, interfaces in whole while working on issues for data flow.

Work Experience

Universal Health Services (Remote) — Application Analyst II

May 1996  – PRESENT

I began with UHS as a Radiology Technician and transferred over to Information Systems. As time went, I have gained knowledge in Siemens Invision System, Siemens OPENLINK, and now Cerner.

I have been a viable employee for Universal Health Services for 21 + years. During that time, I have been an effective remote employee 17 + years. I remain a remote employee traveling at least once a quarter to the Corporate office in King of Prussia, PA.

During all this time, I have maintained my responsibilities and provided quality and trust. I have served as a developer, support, and communicator both internally and externally with other vendors.

The past year, I have been managing cold feed interface installments with 3rd party vendors. This has provided me the ability to show management, communication while working with differing internal teams and 3rd party vendors.

Pocola Public Schools, Pocola, OK — School Board Member

Mar 2005 – Feb  2010 – 5 Year Term

I was elected in 2004 for a 5-year term to serve the community and public school as a Pocola School Board Member.

Under this term, I have served a year as treasurer, Vice President and Board President for the School.

The roles of a School Board are:

  • Ensure creation of a vision and goals for the district; evaluate district success.
  • Adopt policies that guide district actions.
  • Hire a superintendent to serve as administrator of the district and evaluate the superintendent’s success.
  • Approve an annual budget consistent with the district vision.
  • Communicate the district’s vision and success to the community.

NorthWest Regional Medical Center, Amarillo Tx — Radiology Tech

Feb 1995 – Nov 1997 –  2 Years 10 Months

Provided quality care to patients, while performing x-rays for the department and Radiologist.  I was asked by my Director to assist the conversion when UHS (Universal Health Services) took over the facility. This led me to be hired as an Information Technologist at Corporate.

Baptist St. Anthony’s Urgent Care Center, Amarillo Tx — Radiology Tech II

June 1997 – Nov 1997 –   6 Months

Provided quality care to patients, while performing x-rays for the department and Radiologist as well as drawing lab, removing stitches, ECT.   I worked part-time to help support the family during my full-time at NWTH (Northwest Regional Medical Center)


Phoenix University, Arizona — Master Degree

2017 – Present

I am in the process of acquiring my Master’s Degree.

Phoenix University, Arizona — Bachelors Degree

2012 – 2014

Majored in Information Technology.  Completed with 4.33 out of 5.0

I acquired the degree online, while working full-time, and during Cerner conversion for Universal Health Services.

Phoenix University, Arizona — Associate Degree

2010 – 2012

Majored in Information Technology (AAIT/PRGM)

I acquired the degree online, while working full-time, and during Cerner conversion for Universal Health Services.