What I learned from Published Illustrators and Authors
Conversations / August 1, 2017

I had the opportunity to hear some illustrators and authors. On Wednesday, July 26th, Ellen Oh, E.B. Lewis, Joe Cepeda, and Kent Nerburn provided insights on being published illustrators and authors. The panel was geared toward children’s books at the Fort Smith, Arkansas main library. I was able to glean a couple of interesting things. 1) The editor is no longer in charge of choosing the author/story to be published. 2) The gatekeepers are not holding onto what is being accepted, rather what is being distributed. In the past, to be published it was the editor that decided what was chosen. He or she would comb through the submissions in the attempt to find that diamond. That is no longer the case. Today it’s all about the bottom dollar and companies are choosing what is to be published. Not by the good storyline or character, rather how well that story can be marketed, promoted, and consumed by the readers. IE: can we sell it. A quick Google search will reveal five trade book publishers as the major players. Those are Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster. These are the primary U.S. divisions of…

Main Fort Smith Library – Saturday, March 25 2017
Happenings / March 22, 2017

Since my daughter is coming in this weekend, both she and I plan to take our books over to the library. We will be donating them to the Fort Smith, Arkansas  Library. So, if you’re curious about them, go check them out!   I will be providing the following books: Utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace Lite  #UtilizingRPGMaker Utilizing IFTTT  #UtilizingIFTTT Sight and Sound  #SightandSound   Britt will be providing her novel, Searching.     #AuthorMattCole  

My Time at Konsplosion – Fort Smith, Arkansas
Happenings / September 26, 2016

  I primarily went to take my son and three other awesome kids (Wards). Since, I am the dedicated adult nerd (geek) of the family, I had no problems with it. There were 2-3 panels I was interested in. Thus my agenda was to sit in and splatter questions to the presenters for the panels, while allowing the kids to enjoy the Konsplosion. Two of the three panels are note-worthy.   11:45 AM – 12:30 PM How to Write a Novel in 90 Days Panel 2 I was expecting the speaker to simply say, “Yes it can be done, but it wont be great.” However, author EM Ervin was there as well. Now, for some reason, I could had sworn I came across her before. I inquired with my daughter (who use to be a PA for author Quinn Loftis), but she didn’t recognize here. Regardless, she provided some gems, she has learned being a self-published author. What I found really cool, was the fact, I can relate with her. She works full time in a white collar environment and she doesn’t view the book scene as competition rather let’s build each other up. That, I can definitely get behind….